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– Say goodbye to the mess of liquid nail polish.
– Easy DIY at home & salon. Suitable for professional use or home use.
– Self-adhesive nail decals are self-adhesive and can be stick directly on nails.
– These nail decor stickers are made of safe material and it won’t harm your nails or skin.
– Great for nail DIY decoration with different patterns to let you have a shiny and attractive nail tip



Why spend a lot of time and money at nail salons when now we have better, easier and cost effective choices. Lotusby Nail Art brings you a new experience. Lotusby Nail Art has a variety of nail polish strips for you to choose from. Our nail polish strips use 100% nail polish, which is brighter, tougher, bendable and easy to use, allowing you to feel the fun of DIY. We will continue to introduce new products to keep you at the forefront of fashion and impress your family and friends.

1.Be sure to clean your nails before application.
2.Select the suitable size, make the nail polish strip one size smaller than your nail width, and remove the top transparent film and white paper based.
3.Select and position the nail strips against the cuticle and stretch gently to fit and firmly smooth.
4.Crease at nail tip & file excess in a downward motion. Finish & Enjoy.
Put fingers in warm water for 2-3 minutes then gently tear off along the edge of the nail.
About this item
• TOP QUALITY-The nail wrap is made of durable, Non-toxic and environmental-friendly real polish.
• INCLUDES-18 strips Nail Art Wraps
• EXTRA ADHESION-We have tested many times and carefully chose the high material decorate your nail. The waterproof nail wrap sticker can last up to 14 days!
• EASY TO INSTALL- Simple to use it. please follow the illustration on this page to get the best experience. Suitable for home DIY nail art, artist, wedding, party, shopping, travelling, professional manicure and so on.
• USE IT FREELY-Beautiful nail wrap strips can be use any nails, such as hand, toes, even on false nails. 18 strips provided so you can use each package for 2 manicures.
CRUELTY FREE-No animals were tested in the making of these wraps
Material: Nail polish base wraps
Application: File nails and push back cuticles in advance for better results.
Step 1: Clean the surface of nails with an alcohol pad. *DO NOT TOUCH THE SURFACE OF NAILS ANYMORE AFTER CLEAN IT!
Step 2: Select suitable size, peel off the clear film and stick the nail polish wrap on the nail. *Notice: DO NOT TOUCH THE BACK SIDE OF NAIL POLISH PATCH TO AVOID THE OIL OF SKIN.
Step 3: Place the round edge on nail base, and press gently. *Notice: DO NOT APPLY ON CUTICLE AND SKINS.
Step 4: File down the excess gently in a downward motion.
Step 5: Press the nail surface repeatedly in order to force out the air, apply the nail polish wrap tightly.
Step 6: TO REMOVE, simply use nail polish remover to dissolve the nail art or soak your fingers in warm water for 2-3 minutes then gently tear off along the edge of the nail
Tips: Buff the nails before applying and apply a top coat for long lasting results.
What it includes:
18 strips Nail Art Wraps
Alcohol pad
Nail file.


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