Lotusby Nail Art

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A little about Lotusby

Hi, there! My name is Julie, and I’m a proud, single mom of three sweet little boys in the Pacific Northwest. Back in 2018, I came up with the idea of starting a nail art business that would consistently deliver beautiful and affordable nail designs to other women, of all ages, across the world. I realized early on in my parenting journey that having free time to focus on just myself is rather scarce for busy moms like me. It wasn’t ever easy for me to visit a salon and find a babysitter. Plus, it wasn’t always budget friendly. Therefore, I started my entrepreneurial journey and ultimately created different styles of nail art that I could quickly apply to my nails at home. When I had these on, I can’t tell you the number of times I met people in line at the store or bank who showered me with compliments on how nice my nails looked! You see, it’s my heartfelt belief that whatever you’re wearing, if your nails are decorated with our beautiful nail art designs, it can’t help but make your outfit pop!

I created my company to give the gift of feeling amazing, in a snap, with eye-catching nail art designs that can spice up your conversations and connections with those around you. With our designs, not only do you energize others around you with the visual appeal of our cool designs, but you create a bond with others who have an appreciation for nail art as well. You can have fun applying the designs to yourself, or some of our customers like to gather with friends and family and do each other’s nails. The life experience of feeling your best and creating fun fashion moments is what inspires my company, each and every day, to reach and provide more of our Lotusby nail art designs to women of all ages!